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Here at RSV Graphics we are excited to be working with the most up-to-date performance tuning systems available in the West Midlands region. Most vehicle manufacturers place restrictions on your engine’s performance by capping its full potential; however with our advanced tools we can unlock and optimise the performance of your vehicle by removing the limitations. This allows you to enjoy your vehicle the way it was intended to be.

By remapping your vehicles ECU we can increase the BHP, torque and fuel economy by utilizing our tuning experience and the most up-to-date tuning technology, you’ll be left feeling like you have a new much more powerful car! The driveability of your vehicle will be seriously improved without compromising the vehicles reliability.

Each of our remaps are programmed to your needs and driving style, however here are the typical gains that you can expect to see from a stage 1 remap.

20% – 35% increase in power (BHP).
30% – 40% increase in torque.
Improved fuel consumption usually 5% – 10% increase in MPG (subject to driving style).
Reduced and in many cases zero turbo lag.
Increased throttle response.
Our remaps start from as little as £249 and you won’t be disappointed with the results.


If you were to drive your vehicle “normally” you would actually see quite a pleasing improvement in fuel economy. This is will partly be due using higher gears sooner as more power and torque is available. However if you drive really hard all the time then you risk using more fuel.

It is difficult to detect if an ECU has been tuned so most dealerships will only know if you tell them but we can always reset the ECU back to how it was from the factory for a small cost.

Yes! We can re-install the factory map back on your vehicle. Please give us a call to discuss.

They have to produce a map that is highly tolerant of bad fuel and lack of servicing amongst other things. Here in the UK we have good fuel so we can optimise maps to suit. Manufacturers do actually supply the same engine in different car models with different power outputs, the only difference between them is the mapping.


Increased BHP, Torque, MPG and Throttle Response


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